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Flatpack Gates UK

Looking for that gate for the entrance to your driveway, or for that side entrance for pedestrians, well you have come to the right place here at flatpack gates uk, we have it all for you you. With our great prices and our range of different shapes and sizes of gates on offer, and no fee on delivery. We also put them together for but that costs a little extra.

Range of gates we have on offer.

For our side entrance gates we have,

  • small arched top timber gate
  • Overlap timber gate
  • Braced flat top timber gate

For our driveway entrance gates we have for you to choose that perfect gate for your brand new driveway

  • curved top driveway gate, medium and large
  • Flat top driveway gate, medium and large
  • Open style palisade driveway gate
  • 5 bar driveway gate

For that new driveway you need a new gate.

All gates come with a fitting package, all our gates are top quality, we take pride in our work when assembling your gate for you, no corners turned. All our flatpack gates are treated, you can paint them the color you want. They come with galvanized hinges and are very strong to withheld rough weather.

We do treat our gates, but after a while you will need to treat them yourself, so is to stop them rotting in the wet and cold winters.

Looking For A Quality Roofers In Dublin? We only recommend tradesmen that we know and trust to ensure that our customers get the best level of service possible.

Flatpack gates uk giving you the best gates for that brand new driveway and small side entrance pedestrian gates.

Free flatpack delivery

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